Early Childhood Education 2-4


Early Childhood Education 2

 Early Childhood Education 2 covers the competencies on professionalism, community resources, the importance of relationship skills and communicating with children’s families, use of technology in the child care profession, and observing and recording methods.  In addition, students will learn about teaching and working with preschool age children in a child care setting.

The cost of this course is $5.00.  The students will be completing the required Department of Children and Familes testing in the area of Preschool age growth and development.  There may be additional costs if the students did not pass the testing taken in Early Childhood 1.


Early Childhood Education 3 and 4

Early Childhood Education 3 and 4 includes competencies in developing lesson plans, child development theories, factors that affect the development of a child, and developmentally appropriate practices and activities for infant/toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.  Also covered are components on working with students with special needs, classroom management techniques and creating optimum environments for all children.

They will be completing a Literacy in-service course on-line.  This will complete the required 45 hours to work in the child care industry.  Also students completing the portfolio and passing all DCF exams will graduate with 9 college credit hours and their Early Childhood Professional Certification.  This certification is Florida's CDA and will allow the student to teach VPK in any child care center.


All needed supplies for these courses will be provided.


Getting your ECPC and receiving your 9 credit hours.


·         The student must enroll in SJRSC.  If the student transfers the courses will more than likely transfer as elective credits depending on the college.

·         Students will be awarded 9 credit hours IF they have either a CDA OR ECPC

·         They will need to present a copy of the certificate and the DCF transcript (if using the ECPC).

·         The student will be awarded 9 credit hours that are considered elective credits for their AA.  The courses could count towards an AS degree depending on the program of study.

·         These are the courses students are given credit for: 

            CHD 1220     Child Development for Teachers of Young Children……..3 credits

            EEC 1001      Introduction to Early Childhood Education…………………..3 credits

            EEC 2401      Home and Community………………………………………………….3 credits                 


Contact Mrs. Ravenell if you have any questions or concerns about Early Childhood Education 2-4 or please call 272-8531 during school hours or email stravenell@oneclay.net. 


         Mrs. Ravenell's Class Schedule

1st Period:   ECE 2

2nd Period: ECE 2

3rd Period:  ECE 3

4th Period:  Planning

5th Period:  ECE 4

6th Period:  ECE 4


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